Item YS-120 x 1800 L
Extruder Screw diameter 120 mm
L/D 30 : 1
Revolution 20 ~ 60 R.P.M
Material SCM 4
Cylinder material SACM 645
Heating 6 zones
Extruding out putq 300 kg/hr
Driving motor 120 HP DC motor
Type Oil hydraulic
Oil pump 5 HP
Accumulator 15 L
T-die Width 1,800 mm
Type manifold
Material SCM 4
Heating zone 7 zones
roll unit
Type Vertical 3 rolls
Roll 350 x 2000 mm
Roll adjust by air cylinder
Drive motor 5 HP DC motor
Guide roll Guide length 1,800 mm
Roll 90 x 180 mm
Take up unit Roll rubber 200 x 1800 mm
Number of roll 2 EA
Up, down method by air cylinder
Drive motor 3 HP DC motor
Cutting unit Cutting motor 1 HP geared motor
Knife Plate knife
Sheet clamping by air cylinder
Winder Number of shaft Air shaft x 2 EA
Drive 3 HP VS motor & clutch
Winding diameter Max 600 mm
Heat & cooling
Tank volume 120 L
Heater capacity 10 kw x 3 = 30 kw
Pump Water pump x 2 HP
Heating 2 zones
YOUSUNG's extrusion line form high value added superior quality plastic sheet s with great efficiency.
It manufacture of sheets for plastics molding case.